Steps to order..
1. Join My Love (follower) saya.
2. Email details pesanan kepada saya di
3. Tunggu hingga saya akan email semula harga beserta kos penghantaran.
4. Setelah saya confirmkan harga, customer boleh bank in ke account saya dalam masa 3 hari, jika tidak order customer akan batal dengan sendirinya.
5. Sila inform pada saya masa, jumlah wang dan bank yang digunakan.
6. Saya akan menghantar barang anda sehari selepas bayaran dibuat.


You can email us the list of products you would like to purchase, we will then advise you the total amount including the Shipping Charges. You can then bank in the payment to our Bank account provided online. Please provide to us your:

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~Walk-In to Store ~ located at Pontian City, Johor. You are welcome to visit us during operating hours. We strongly advise you to contact us before coming for product availability (and sometimes, i'm not available). 


No. acc akan diberi setelah confirm order.. thanks..


"To our customers that wish to send a document or goods, they may do so through our parcel delivery service. For local destinations, the maximum weight for parcel is 30 kg. The types of parcel services offered include Ordinary Parcels, Insured Parcels and Cash-On-Delivery Parcels.
Specifications of Parcels
MeasurementThe maximum measurement for parcels is 1.05 meters in length and not exceeding 2.00 meters in combined lengths and circumference. The minimum measurement is as same as the letter services.
Weight30 kg (Maximum)
Parcels have to be handed over the Post Office counter, Mini Post Office and at the Postal Agencies for onward handling. A receipt will be issued for each parcel posted.
To minimize damage or destruction, parcels should be well wrapped and secured. Recipient's name and complete address must be clearly written on the parcel. In the event parcels cannot be delivered, it will be returned to the sender at the sender's cost. Parcels can be wrapped using poly-wrapping and pasted with an envelope as the label. Box parcels are not required to be wrapped using brown paper but is advisable for a neater look and to allow the address to be read clearly.
Should any parcel get lost or damaged while in the postal custody, compensation may be paid upon request.
Parcels are charged at RM7.00 for the first 2 kg and subsequently RM1.50 for every 1 kg thereafter up to 30 kg. For Sabah and Sarawak, parcels are charged at RM1.50 for every 500 grams or apart to cover for the air Surcharges."
Postage Rates for Parcel within Malaysia
Modes of DeliveryWeight StepRate of Postage
SurfaceUp to 2 kg.7.00
Every 1 kg thereafter up to 30kg1.50
AirUp to 2 kg.7.00
Every 1 kg thereafter up to 30kg1.50
Air Surchange for every 500g or thereof1.50